The operations of EDS Park Opatów will be launched in the coming weeks. On the surface area of 1,250 of GLA, among others, Pepco store and Rossmann drugstore will operate. A facility in Debrzno is also under construction (1,300 of GLA). The opening is planned for the end of this year. "The next two investments are located in Reda and Legnica. The parks with a surface area of 3300 and 2600 of GLA respectively are at the stage of preparation for starting the construction. During the Shopping Center Forum fair there will be an opportunity to make new contacts, the expanders of retail chains will have a chance to get to know the potential of company, not only limited to the places just mentioned. From the very beginning of our activity, we have been striving to build and commercialise facilities in very good locations, providing our tenants with a clientele, and on the other hand, to create for buyers the best conditions for everyday shopping. Thanks to consistency in action, we are slowly approaching the achievement of the assumed surface area of over 20 thousand of GLA, which we will hand over to our tenants within 12 months," says Michał Nowak, President of EDS Retail Park.


Each subsequent investment of the company is planned in terms of optimal location and rationalisation of the budget when operating the facility. And it is the costs of the facility management that are key to any undertaking, hence the search for innovative and sustainable solutions – they include: photovoltaic cells that will be installed in selected facilities.


EDS Retail Park will be waiting for participants of the fair together with Higasa Properties, a company belonging to the same group. The companies have prepared one stand where you will have a chance to see the offer and talk about cooperation opportunities. And these are very broad: "During the two-day event we want to make new contacts and complete our mix of tenants to provide consumers with what they expect in a given location. New network operators continue to appear on the Polish market. Personally, I am convinced that we have a lot to offer in the area of commercialisation opportunities. As an investment and consulting company, we also have extensive experience in selling ready commercial facilities,” announces Marcin Rudziński, a member of the management board of Higasa Properties.


A flagship solution of the company, addressed to a wide range of investors, is Higasa Club. This is one of the most stable and unique investment method among those existing on the market related to commercial real estate. A website has been launched for investors,, where you can check investments in progress and learn more about them. A helpful tool is the calculator, thanks to which you can simulate investment profit, depending on the amount paid and the period of financing. In addition, each project is described in detail, also in terms of impact on the region and the surrounding area.


During the Shopping Center Forum (25-56 September), both companies will present themselves at stand no. 5.3.